Patrick Lappin

Patrick Lappin is inbred More >>


Paul Gillings

Original, acoustic Blues, Roots and Folk singer/songwriter style. More >>


Pete The Temp

Pete the Temp verses Climate Change! is an innovative spoken word stage-show. It aims to educate inspire and entertain on the theme of climate change. More >>


Phil Jackson

Phil started a singin an a songa-writin' on piano and guitar at the age of 12 (read the next bit in a big deep dramatic voice)- and the rest is history! As well as performing as a solo artist (which you can check out in his pics & vids) he also writes, plays & sings in The B Goodes. More >>


Polar Collective

We're five guys from Ipswich who enjoy writing and performing energetic songs with a full Hip-Hop and Acoustic sound, experimenting with loads of different genres to produce something fresh and exciting. More >>



Polarbear is not a bear at all, but a Brummie, raised on hip-hop and Arthur Scargill, who writes stories and sometimes talks them on stage. More >>


Port Isla

On a good day, Port Isla are a four piece Folk Rock band from Norwich. Formed by Will Bloomfield in 2011, he quickly enlisted the help of fellow U. More >>