Lauren Andrews

Born in Essex in 1983, grew up in Suffolk/London/The North and moved to Norwich aged 20. Her first memories of music are watching Thin Lizzy on the Television and dancing round the living room to Paul Simon and George Harrison. More >>


Laurie Eaves

Eaves was born in 1990 and many people understandably regard this as a bad move. He therefore spent the next 19 years of his life attempting to shake off the bad publicity by mumbling rhymes inanely into microphones, before inevitably being hit by oncoming glassware. More >>


Leanne Moden

Leanne Moden writes witty rhymes. She won the Cambridge Hammer and Tongue Slam in 2013, and has just finished a stint as Fenland Poet Laureate. More >>


Leif Anhland

Met him locally More >>


Leo George

Poet, artist and activist More >>


Lewis Mokler

Lewis Mokler is a young singer songwriter from the East of England who has only been performing for a short time (mid-2010) and has already left many breathless with the maturity and passion within his music. More >>


Liam Roberts

Is a a visual artist currently living in Norwich. He works with musicians, making music videos and performing live visuals (VJ'ing). More >>


Lucy Flowers

A regular sight busking and playing around Norwich Lucy was a fantastically talented young woman who played both guitar, and in later years, ukulele. More >>


Lucy Grubb

My name is Lucy Grubb and I'm a singer/songwriter from Norwich, blending Modern Americana with Country undertones. More >>


Lucy Hall

Hi there, Im Lucy Hall. I've always been different to your average 16 year old. I have a style, and always a certain bravado in everything I do. More >>


Lucy Sampson

Lucy Sampson is a singer-songwriter based in Benhall, Suffolk, grounded in the great tradition of British song writing and acoustic roots, with a fresh and uncluttered indie-folk sensibility. More >>


Lumisonic Synaesthetics

Seb Spacestrings – Lumisonic Synaesthetics This piece explores the harmonic relationship between light and sound. More >>