False Colours

Unique and captivating, False Colours are an original electro-acoustic folk duo with David on tenor guitar and Polly on bass (vocal harmonies galore!). More >>


Fay Roberts

SoapBox presents in Aldeburgh Saturday 5th November 2016 More >>


Fick As Fieves

Fick As Fieves spent the first two years of their career hustlin' and bustlin' the streets of colchester playing show after show trying the build a reputation as an Indie/Ska band. More >>


Fiona Bevan

Fiona Bevan’s bewitching music has roots that run deep. They stretch as far back as the Suffolk-born singer’s childhood home, in which her family sang songs from black and white films and old musicals around a piano and her parents played her Cole Porter and Doris Day. More >>



Homemade indie folk with fingerpicking guitar and poetic lyrics with a deep brooding voice. More >>


Fran Wyburn

Quirky, uplifting, story telling songs with heavenly harmonies and entrancing ginger picking guitar, delivered with charming personalities More >>


Frances Addington

Sings traditional folks songs, wears flowery dresses and likes to knit. More >>


Freya Roy

Freya is an extremely gifted 15 year old musician from Halesworth, Suffolk. She plays classical guitar, electric guitar and piano, utilising a loop station in her live performances. More >>