Artist : And So

'And So' play Pop / Folk/ Soul. We are from Norwich, and consist of John Beeden and Mark Schlesinger. Our influences are many, but you might detect The Carpenters, Bread, Eagles, Gram Parsons, George Michael, Prince, The Beatles or John Martyn. We are singer/songwriters, introducing our own combination of keyboards, guitar and electronics into popular music. We are a collaboration duo aiming to entertain audiences with our own songs. Mark has played live at Wensum lodge, Norwich Arts Centre and at numerous other venus, winning attention in Record Company competitions, and as part of the BBC Radio 2 'Sold on Song' Song Club. John was also involved in the BBC 2 Radio 'Sold on Song' Club which was produced by Mark Hagen of Radio 2. He also creates dance tracks which can be heard on the 'Reverb Nation' website. Places that we've played: The Mustard Lounge The Art Centre Auditorium (BBC 2 song Club), Wensum lodge, Jurnet's Bar The Wildman The Edith Cavell The Brickmakers The Ten Bells.