Artist : Andy Bennett

SoapBox presents in Aldeburgh Saturday 5th November 2016

Andy Bennett is a Romantic poet, in that he drinks too much, has a chronic disease, and can often be found wandering around woodland counting on his fingers. For the most part, Andy writes what might be called ‘old-fashioned’ poetry – form, meter, and rhyme being the perfect answer to the ubiquitous question “How do you remember it all?”


Andy has played at Fringes and festivals across the country, and once even took an anarchic puppet show to Finland for some reason. He has written and performed a full-length show at the Edinburgh Fringe: Late Late Romantic (2015) with a second, Random Chants, debuting this August.


He is founder of the 28 Sonnets Later collective (, and teaches literacy and verse in schools and museums across Norfolk, where he lives with a wife who probably deserves the epithet ‘long-suffering’. You can follow Andy’s particular brand of pedantry and hippie rage on Twitter @AndyBennettPoet, or through his erratically-maintained website


“Bennett’s the business: scabrous, witty, and he knows his iambs” – Luke Wright