Artist : Rhi-Jayne

One woman and her gretsch. I write songs mostly about things that make me angry, and sometimes about things that I think should make other people angry too.

I've loved music since I can remember (my parents have evidence in the form of crumpled/ bitten sleeve notes...). Sometimes I'm overwhelmed by how much music affects me emotionally. I started writing songs at high school when I went through standard friend-based teen angst, and started writing about slightly more important stuff when I realised how much I cared about general injustice. Writing songs is like writing poetry for me; playing guitar is cathartic. It comes naturally, and I find it relaxing. I've performed live on and off since I was fourteen (my first 'gig' was at a high school concert so I don't know if that counts...), usually in folk venues around Norwich and Lowestoft. I feel like my music is intertwined completely with my personality, as I've been writing songs the entire time I've been developing as an independent human being; and they've changed and matured with me.


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