Artist : Bex and Freda

Bex writes quirky random songs about life, love, cider and idiots, and plays them on two ukuleles (one named Freda), accompanied by Jim on cajon and other percussion.

Bex and Freda is the result of a collaboration between a songwriter/pianist (Bex) and a concert ukulele (Freda). They started out together at the beginning of 2014 playing open mic nights and solo gigs around Essex and Suffolk. In 2015 they were joined by Jim on percussion. They have since played at many venues and festivals around the east of England, including UkeEast (Norwich Arts Centre), Ipswich Beer Festival, FolkEast, Ipswich Waterfront Celebration, Dubs At The Hall, Alive & V-Dubbin, The Apex bar, PettaFiesta, EddyFest and various pubs and other small venues across the region.
Freda has since semi retired and instead Georgie the soprano and Berti the baritone generally appear at gigs, and sometimes the piano and a dulcimer named Dolly come out to play too. 

Bex’s songs are mostly inspired by personal experience and cover all sorts of topics including love, life, hate, spiders, cider and idiots. Last year they released their debut EP, From Where I Stand, which has gained airplay on BBC Suffolk Introducing and other local stations.