Artist : Of The Clay

We aim to maintain traditional songs that reflect the current context and to interpret them in our own way.

Listening to and interpreting songs written and performed many, many years ago helps us to understand history and the people who lived through it. Fundamental to moving forward is to understand the past. This is of ever increasing significance at this time. Our music consists of some songs that have been sung for hundreds of years and some songs that are more recent such as a very different take on a Singing Postman song. Researching the local music from Norfolk where we live, is something we are very interested in. We must maintain these songs through the oral tradition from which they came for the future generations. Although we’re keen on keeping up these traditional values and music of the past, we present them with our own contemporary perspective.

Our name, Of the Clay refers to building something from the materials that nature has provided; something that can be cherished and admired and something that is able to return to the Earth afterwards.