Artist : Unfashionable Folk

Rhythmically driven dance tunes to get folk moving

Unfashionable Folk is a new project from Joe Solomon and Tess Wingate. Inspired by the rich heritage of music from the British Isles (and a little bit beyond), they play original, traditional, and not so traditional tunes on flute, whistles, fiddle and various percussion instruments. The duo are seasoned musicians - Joe is the percussionist and rapper in Das Boot, and Tess is a former member of the long gone East Anglian festival band Celtica. Joe and Tess have played together on and off over the last 20+ years and are excited to be forming Unfashionable Folk after Tess's return to East Anglia after eleven years in Canada and Ireland. Aside from Unfashionable Folk, Joe spends his time gardening, creating ponds and hanging out with his dog; Tess works as a music therapist and hangs out with her cat.